Your weekly dose of Red and White inspiration!

You can forget your Quitters’ Day and you can keep your Blue Monday – it’s time for your weekly dose of Red and White inspiration!

Where better to look for that inspiration than over in Athens, where last Monday, Steve Battle completed the Athens 72 hour race over a distance of 190 miles and finished in 4th place.

Steve had even been in the lead at the 12 hour mark before suffering with back pain which slowed him down and left him managing only 2 hours sleep to get through the race. Not only that, but Steve was back out for the Cross Country where he also lost a shoe in the “big puddle” but still continued on, to complete the race Cinderella style! (P.S. runner and shoe were reunited at the finish).

Closer to home, at Holme Pierrepont on Saturday, Paddy Abbott and Rebecca Marshall both completed the 3 Hour Challenge Race running laps of the rowing lake.

It being a cross-country weekend there were fewer members pushing at Parkruns on Saturday, but at Poolsbrook it was a CRR 1, 2, for John Sanderson in first place in 17:49 and Matt Martin in second on 17:54. Meanwhile at Rother Valley, Helen Worsfold’s Run Directing a record field of 578 parkrunners is also worthy of note.

Farther afield again, Steve Tebb ran in the Funchal Half Marathon on Sunday and finished in 1:40:14 running in temperatures he was obviously not acclimatised for at this time of year!

The main action on Sunday was the second round of the Inter-Club Cross Country Competition at Killamarsh. It appears in 2020 that “reversing is the new black” as Killamarsh Kestrels also decided to reverse their usual course. Either way up it was still a mud-fest.

Overall, the CRR Ladies won the day and in the Men’s Competition, CRR came in second – leaving the Club in a combined first place after two races.

Still all to play for and we clearly need to keep on pushing into the next race at Handsworth in 2 weeks’ time.

The full breakdown of CRR results is as follows (the observant will note a few missing times from the system due to manual entry post-race, these will be added when available):

00:38:52 Phil Morris
00:39:00 Jordan Street
00:39:13 John Sanderson
00:40:21 Lewis Banton
00:41:00 Darren King
00:41:21 Pete Twigg
00:42:24 Finlay Preece
00:43:35 Sam Bellamy
00:44:30 Chris Amery
00:44:40 Nick Roberts
00:45:00 Brendon Tyree
00:45:06 Natalie Crofts
00:46:08 Helen Linley
00:46:32 Mark Waller
00:46:50 Malc Stapleton
00:46:54 Mick Hancock
00:47:04 Andy Little
00:47:21 Steve Battle
00:47:44 Michael Brown
00:48:28 Dan Keeling
00:48:35 Darren McQuade
00:49:03 Delphine Pearson
00:49:20 Richard Hind
00:49:33 Michelle Needham
00:50:44 Steve Hattersley
00:50:47 Giles Searby
00:50:52 Ian Brookes
00:51:29 Paul Taylor
00:00:00 Hannah Sharpe
00:00:00 Andy Foster
00:00:00 Paddy Abbott
00:00:00 Lucy Broadhurst
00:00:00 Karen Shipman
00:00:00 Matt Taylor
00:53:37 Paul Sadler
00:53:57 Helen Worsfold
00:54:41 Craig Lockett
00:54:54 Ricki Oscroft
00:55:20 Annie Morton
00:56:29 Bridget Hemstock
00:56:32 Chris Linley
00:57:24 Ellis Hewitt
00:57:54 Allison Preece
00:58:44 Kerry Anderson
00:58:58 Julie King
00:59:39 Ian Rookes
01:00:30 Tracy Jones
01:00:45 David Goater
01:01:06 Steve Carter
01:01:52 El Swales
01:02:38 Michael Burr
01:02:41 Dave Johnson
01:03:38 Rebecca Marshall
01:04:03 Graham Sheen
01:04:25 Sarah Street-Rose
01:04:50 Jackie Rookes
01:06:27 Jim McIntosh
01:07:49 Christine Stimpson
01:07:54 Roy Butterworth
01:11:28 Sally Cocking
01:12:59 Paula Wright
01:13:26 Malcolm Rhodes
01:13:31 Lynn Hazelton

Well done all!

Finally, if you are reading this and feeling like you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, a reminder that we meet for a social run from the Clowne Community Centre at 6:30pm every Tuesday, which is free to join in. We also have our coached track training at 6:45pm on Thursdays at Mount St Mary’s Track – first session is free and £3 each after that. All running abilities are catered for.

We have also now launched our Junior section, primarily for 12 – 18-year-olds – who meet at 6:30pm on Wednesdays at Balborough Country Park, meeting by the car park.

Please come along and join in the fun!