Club Standard Times

[row] [span6]Criteria for claiming Club Standards

  1. At the time of racing you must be a paid up member of Clowne Roadrunners
  2. The race must be measured and certified
  3. Only FINISH times count, chip or gun (you can’t claim a 5k, 5mile while running a 10k)
  4. You MUST run as a Clowne Roadrunner
  5. You MUST wear a Club vest ( Unless running for a charity “London Marathon” etc )
  6. If you meet ALL these points then You must inform John P. (Don’t assume he knows all results)
[/span6] [span6]Club Standard Claim Form

DOB (age) RACE
TIME (Chip Time) DATE (dd/mm/yyyy)
Which standard are you claiming?
[/span6] [span12][well]To claim a reward fill in the form or send to John Proffitt at [/well] You can download the Standard times here or they are shown below. In addition to these you can also claim a standard for ultra races in the following categories:

Bronze – Any distance over a marathon (26.2 miles)
Silver – 50 miles or over
Gold – 100 miles or over