Club Standard Times

Criteria for claiming Club Standards

  1. At the time of racing you must be a paid up member of Clowne Roadrunners
  2. The race must be measured and certified
  3. Only FINISH times count, chip or gun (you can’t claim a 5k, 5mile while running a 10k)
  4. You MUST run as a Clowne Roadrunner
  5. You MUST wear a Club vest ( Unless running for a charity “London Marathon” etc )
  6. If you meet ALL these points then You must inform John P. (Don’t assume he knows all results)

Club Standard Claim Form

DOB (age) RACE
TIME (Chip Time) DATE (dd/mm/yyyy)
Which standard are you claiming?

To claim a reward fill in the form or send to John Proffitt at

You can download the Standard times here or they are shown below. In addition to these you can also claim a standard for ultra races in the following categories:

Bronze – Any distance over a marathon (26.2 miles)
Silver – 50 miles or over
Gold – 100 miles or over