Off Road Grand Prix

Off Road Grand Prix 2024

7th Jan Cat 1 Retford XC (GP) approx 5mile Sunday club races  
28th Jan Cat 3 Tigger Tor approx 9mile Sunday pre-entry ENTRIES OPEN
18th Feb Cat 2 Killamarsh (GP) approx 5mile Sunday club races  
25th Feb Cat 1 Worksop (GP)  approx 5mile Sunday club races  
10th March Cat 3 Wolfs Pit Fell Race approx 6mile   pre-entry ENTRIES OPEN
22nd April Cat 2 Trunce 2 approx 4mile  Monday enter on day  
28th April  Cat 1 Clumber Trust 10k 10k Sunday Free FREE
5th May Cat 1 RunGreno Trail Run 7.3 mile  Sunday tbc  ENTRIES OPEN
21st May Cat 2 Totley Moor 6.7mile Tuesday pre-entry  ENTRIES OPEN
4th June Cat 1  Kimmy Kantor 4mile  Tuesday enter on day  
June tbc Cat 2 Midsummer Mad Dash  5mile   enter on day  
9th June Cat 3 Edale Fell Race 5 mile Sunday tbc  
July tbc Cat 1  Wharnecliffe Woods 10k 10k   pre-entry  
14th July Cat 2 Peak Forest Fell Race 6mile Sunday pre-entry  
8th August Cat 2 Rickys Race 4.5mile Tuesday pre-entry  
August tbc Cat 1 Treeton Bolt approx 4mile   tbc  
2nd August Cat 2 Salt Cellar Fell Race 6.8 mile  Friday pre-entry  
27th August Cat 2  Eyam Barrell Inn Fell Race 6.7mile Tuesday entry  
8th September Cat 3  Exterminator Fell Race 16mile  Sunday pre-entry  
Sep 14st, 21st or 28th Cat 1 Sherwood Pines Parkrun 3.1mile Saturday's parkrun FREE
5th October Cat 3 Curbar Commotion 9.5mile  Sunday pre-entry  
Oct 12th, 19th or 26th Cat 1 Clumber Parkrun 3.1mile Saturday's parkrun FREE
November tbc Cat 2 Lathkill Dale Fell Race 7mile   pre-entry  
1st December Cat 1 Edwinstowe Trail Race 6.2mile Sunday pre-entry  
2 Types of competition – Participation awards (same as ultra standards)
19 races – Platinum
15 races – Gold
12 races – Silver
10 races – Bronze
Current age graded format
8 races to qualify –  ATLEAST 1 from each category
1 race – Cat 1 (10 to choose)
1 race – Cat 2 (10 to choose)
1 race – Cat 3 (Hard) (5 to choose)
Can be any variation but has to include 1 from each