Inter Club XC Series



Well, its time to brush off the 2020 cross country muddy shoes and get ready for the 2022 Interclub Cross-Country series. We’ve had a really good turn out over the past few years with Clowne winning ALL trophies for the past two years.

For those members who are not familiar with the series, we take part along with four other local clubs with each club hosting an event. It’s got a great social side to it with interclub banter and a buffet to enjoy afterwards. If you’re apprehensive about running through mud and are having flashbacks of your P.E. teacher cracking the whip, then put those aspersions to one side and bring out that inner youth…… you’ll love it, or at the very least enjoy the buffet afterwards whilst wondering why was I ever talked into doing it.
I’ll talk about the rule changes further down this page, but I can’t emphasise enough that these events are open to all standards. The main thing is to see a sea of red.

The dates are as follows (subject to booking confirmation):

Dates for Inter Club Cross Country Series 2023

  • 15 January Retford
  • 22 January Clowne
  • 12 February Handsworth
  • 26 February Killamarsh
  • 12 March Worksop

Inter Club XC Rules

  • Club colours are to be worn in order to claim points, anything other than a club vest the runner’s details will not be registered at the finishing gate.
  • Each home club to provide two recorders to help at the finish.
  • The minimum age is 16 on the date of the first race (6th January)
  • Penalties will not be allocated for second claim runners

The scoring has changed from:
10 men (5 Vets minimum, 3 2nd Claim maximum) & 6 ladies (3 Vets minimum, 2 2nd Claim maximum)
Changed to:
7 men (3 Vets minimum, 2 2nd Claim maximum) & 7 ladies (3 Vets minimum, 2 2nd Claim maximum)
But with an added twist:
After the 7 counters for both men and ladies, the next 10 will help the score by each one of the 10 improving the overall score of the 7 by 1 point.
Now to blow your mind with science:
If Team ‘A’ finishes 1,3,5,10,12,14 and 20 their score is 65 points.
If Team ‘B’ finishes 2, 4,6,8,11,13 and 21 their score is also 65 points.
Now, if team ‘A’ has a further 12 runners after the 7 scorers, they score a further minus 10 points bringing their score down to 55 points (capped at 10).
If Team ‘B’ only has a further 3 runners after the 7 scorers, they score a further minus 3 points, bringing their score down to 62 points.
So, Team ‘A’ wins by virtue of fielding more runners and thus reducing the score accumulated by their first 7 scoring runners (lowest score wins).
This incentivises each club to field a team of at least 17 runners to ensure that they get the maximum bonus points.
Clear as mud (no pun intended).
Look out for recces and news from your captains.

Full results covering the XC Series from 2009 to 2014 can be found here.