Clowne Road Runners Juniors

We are a younger section of the Clowne Road Runners running club. We aim to allow young runners aged 7 to 16 to be able to come and have fun with other young runners to increase their confidence and their enjoyment and ability in running, before they are ready to join our adult club.

We welcome runners aged 7-16 years old, of any ability to come along, meet new friends and have fun running!

Parent/guardians need to register on behalf of their child to book on sessions.

Note: Our leadership insurance covers children aged 7 and over now., if you would like to take part and are under the age of 7, then we cannot be responsible for you and are not covered as part of our insurance. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved, just get in touch and we can arrange something.


Junior lead: Hannah Sharpe
Junior Secretary: Michael Burr
Junior Treasurer: Lewis Banton
Membership secretary: Katy Taylor
Coaches: Rebecca Hattersley, Hannah Sharpe, Lewis Banton, Jo Johnson, Graham Sheen, Louise Lowe, Matthew Martin, Andy Foster
Volunteers: Sandra Lees, Michael Bagger Lees, Giles Searby, Suzanne Leusby,
Website / media secretary= Suzanne Leusby with the help of Tayla Leusby,
Results reporting= Giles Searby
Social Secretaries= Tayla Leusby, Freya Lowe
Welfare officers: Suzanne Leusby and Lewis Banton


Sessions are £2 for members of the junior club and £3 for non-members. We offer 4 taster sessions, the first being free and the following 3 being just £1. Thereafter, we ask you to join the club if you wish to for £25, which includes a CRR junior T shirt.


They will take place on Wednesdays at 6:30pm at Mount St Marys College running track in Spinkhill.

Our sessions consists of warm up activities, the main running training session where we practice running technique, thinking like a runner and particularly for the younger runners, throwing and jumping skills to accompany their running development. There are a mixture of small group activities as well as longer runs where we will put our training into practice . Every month we run a mile and time this so that the runners can track their progress. We will work up to parkrun events and our grand prix list of events where runners can gain points and prizes.

We really need you to register and book on here to show us how many we are expecting.

Contact Details:

Hannah Sharpe – Group Leader