The main action to report this week comes from the Cross Country race at Retford

We start this week with news from Down Under, where David Johnson included a bit of Parkrun tourism in his and Jo’s trip to Oz, running barefoot in the sand at the Beaches Parkrun in Newcastle, NSW, which he finished in 33:14 🇦🇺.

Closer to home at Castle Parkrun, Sam Bellamy achieved a Club Silver Standard with his 21:03 finish.

Andy Ward competed in the Derbyshire County Cross Country Championships at Heanor on Saturday, the results for which are not yet published.

The main action to report this week however comes from the first race of the Inter-Club Cross Country Series at Retford on Sunday. A fantastic 63 CRR runners turned out in the red and white for the race.

It was announced at the start-line that this year’s race was being run backwards. At first this appeared to be a cunning ruse by Retford, but in fact, it was the course that was being reversed not the runners, so once we’d made sure Michael Burr was facing the right way, the race got underway.

The reverse course meant that after going up the very muddy hill (and losing a few shoes) the runners went up the other muddy hill, across the muddy fields and then down instead of up through the muddy woods and then back down the very muddy field to splashdown to the finish. So generally, 9km/5.5 miles of energy sapping mud of varying type and consistency.

The CRR team were a match for the conditions however and finished first in both the ladies and the mens classifications.

Our counting runners consisted of a fantastic 6 ladies in the top 11 female finishers, with Natalie Crofts first lady home overall. In the men’s race, our top 10 counters all finished in the top 30 of the race, led home by birthday boy Philip Morris in 2nd place overall, who also finally got his hands on his November Member of the Month prize after the race. Well done too Finlay Preece who was competing in first senior race and scored points for the team.

Full details of all the CRR finishers are as follows:

00:37:11 Philip Morris
00:37:53 Jordan Street
00:39:33 Lewis Banton
00:39:40 John Sanderson
00:40:45 Graham Worsfold
00:41:25 Pete Twigg
00:43:41 Finlay Preece
00:43:50 Nick Roberts
00:43:52 Sam Bellamy
00:44:02 Chris Amery
00:44:26 Natalie Crofts
00:46:07 Ian Burdis
00:46:18 Mark Waller
00:46:41 Malc Stapleton
00:46:52 Mick Hancock
00:46:56 Helen Lindley
00:47:16 Andy Little
00:47:21 Dan Harpham
00:47:39 David Hazelton
00:47:45 Darren McQuade
00:47:58 Chris Lane
00:48:49 Steve Tebb
00:49:04 Steve Hattersley
00:49:22 Dan Keeling
00:50:14 Louise Lowe
00:50:23 Paul Taylor
00:50:42 Gemma Scougall
00:51:36 Hannah Sharpe
00:52:08 Richard Hind
00:52:27 Giles Searby
00:52:45 Paul Sadler
00:52:55 Lucy Broadhurst
00:53:05 Ian Brookes
00:53:10 Karen Shipman
00:53:37 Delphine Pearson
00:54:05 Andy Foster
00:54:24 Andrea Walker
00:54:27 Neil Yewman
00:54:29 Matt Taylor
00:55:06 Paddy Abbott
00:57:45 Bridget Hemstock
00:58:09 Craig Lockett
00:58:45 Chris Jones
01:00:26 Allison Preece
01:00:42 Ian Rookes
01:00:55 Julie King
01:02:47 Roy Butterworth
01:03:31 Rebecca Marshall
01:03:34 Ellis Hewitt
01:03:37 Sam Springthorpe
01:04:28 Tracy Jones
01:04:31 David Goater
01:06:08 Steve Carter
01:07:05 Michael Burr
01:09:17 Christine Stimpson
01:09:31 Sarah Street-Rose
01:09:53 Graham Sheen
01:10:56 Sara-Jane Massingham
01:11:03 Jackie Rookes
01:11:23 Jim McIntosh
01:18:10 Sally Cocking
01:21:04 Jane Tupling
01:21:05 Lynn Hazelton

Well done all!