It takes a running club to support a successful ultra-runner

There’s an African proverb which says that it takes a village to raise a child. In similar vein, this weekend showed that it takes a running club to support a successful ultra-runner.

The feat of endurance this weekend was Helen Worsfold’s successful completion over Saturday and into Sunday of the Robin Hood 100-mile race in 29 hours 37 minutes. That amazing achievement also earns her a Club Gold Award.

What makes the achievement particularly noteworthy, beyond Helen’s super-human performance, is the fact that so many club members came together to play a myriad of different (and seemingly very well defined) roles in Helen’s support crew – ranging from kit checking, to pace running in the dead of night and even someone to make sure she took her contact lenses out at the end of day one! Thanks, I’m sure, from Helen, but big kudos from everyone to Helen’s support crew for such a great demonstration of everything that makes CRR so special.

Meanwhile, back to an earthlier level of achievement, there were some excellent Parkrun performances on Saturday morning.

At Rother Valley, Paul Taylor’s 22:01 was a course PB. Giles Searby scored a 33 second distance PB with his 22:36 finish and Andrea Walker’s 22:53 was a 6 second distance PB.  Craig Lockett’s 23:39 finish was also a course PB.

At Sherwood Pines, Bridget Hemstock broke off from her “big birthday” celebrations to register a 26:27 PB.

Mike Brown underlined our credentials as the Club of choice for the navigationally challenged, with his first fell race attempt, over the 15 odd miles course of the Half Tour of Bradwell on Saturday.

Mike finished in 3:05:18 having lost both himself and, temporarily, his sense of humour, somewhere off the supposed route of the race, which soon became the two-thirds Tour of Bradwell.

Fortunately, Philip Morris learned his navigational skills at his previous club. On Sunday, at the Stanage Struggle Fell Race, Philip ran his first race in a CRR vest, finishing 7th in 44:30 over the 6-mile course. Richard Hind came 78th in 54:45.

Meanwhile, a CRR crew of 7 took part in a surprisingly under-subscribed Moss Valley Madness 10K trail race. A great local charitable race based at Eckington School that really does deserve greater support. There was an excellent goody-bag for all finishers, although the course description as “hilly and undulating” proved to be annoyingly accurate.

First home for the Club, in 5th place, was Nick Roberts in 45:46. Andrea Walker’s 24th place with 55:06 earned her the prize for 3rd Lady finisher. Giles Searby was 28th in 56:55 immediately followed by Paddy Abbott in 57:02 and Annie Morton in 57:04. Lindsay Baker finished in 1:05:08 and Katy Taylor 1:05:11.

Also on Sunday, at the Vale of York Half Marathon, Andy Harris finished in 1:44:33.

Finally, at a windy Coastal Half Marathon in Cleethorpes Ian Brookes finished in 1:49:18 and Jim McIntosh came in on 2:28:24.

Well done all!