Lots to report on this week, so strap yourselves in!

“It’s a bit warm out there” – said no-one at either the Dam Flask Relays on Tuesday or the Elmton Chase on Wednesday!

The good news at Damflask Road Relays was that the rain had drowned the midges, but beyond that it was a pretty dreek evening, brightened up by a great CRR attendance and some strong performances on the 3.5 mile course round the lake and up and down the hill.

Topping the individual CRR performances was Gareth Lowe with his 18.39, 9th equal best individual men’s leg and his team finished 6th overall in the Men’s Competition joined by Dan Page 19:23 (23rd indiv), Lewis Banton 19:36 (30th) and Gary Cadman 19:37 (31st).

Next home, in 19th, came the Team of Graham Worsfold 20:44; Nick Fowler 21:48; Matt Martin 20:07 and Jordan Street 20:43. 34th Team were Chris Amery 22:26; Dan Harpham 23:01; Carl Dyke 23:10 and Lewis Banton (again) 20:45. 69th Team were Mike Brown 24:17; Chris Lane 24:43; Steve Tebb 24:56 and Neil Yewman 27:26. 77th were Ian Brookes 25:49; Paul Sadler 25;13; Matt Taylor 26:14 and Ellis Hewitt 29:04. Finally, 81st were Giles Searby 28:36; David Johnson 31:19; Darren McQuade 24:31 and Nick Fowler (again) 23:53.

In the Ladies Competition, 44th Team finishers were Hannah Sharpe 25:22; Julie King 27:45 and Allison Preece 29:54. 55th Team were Katy Taylor 32:03; Jo Johnson 27:59 and Hannah Sharpe (again) 27:20. Finally, 87th were Liz Close 34:23; SJ Massingham 36:49 and Bridget Hemstock 33:09.

Thanks to Pete Twigg for the “shepherding cats” act to get all the teams organised and entered, your efforts were much appreciated by all who took part.

At the Club’s Elmton Chase event on Wednesday there was a strong contingent of both CRR runners and volunteers. The event had a record turn-out which created its own challenges. Thanks to all CRR Members and their friends and family who supported the event. A quick “shout-out” to Dale who works for the traffic management company who close the roads for us when we have the half marathon. He happened to be heading home via Elmton as the race was on and unbidden kindly managed the roads with his flashing yellow lights on his car at two road crossing points. Much appreciated!

As for the results for the CRR Runners, they were as follows:

1st Gareth Lowe 26:25 – 1st Male, 1st Mens Team; 3rd Lewis Banton 27:54 -1st Mens Team; 4th Matthew Martin 28:17 – 1st Mens Team; 5th Jordan Street 28:39; 8th Graham Worsford 29:43; Dan Harpham 32:28; Darren McQuade 33:05; Steve Battle 33:23; Mike Brown 34:36; Adrian Kirkham 34:44; Steve Tebb 34:45; Chris Lane 34:51; Delphine Pearson 35:45 – 1st FV45; Steve Hattersley
35:46; Andy Foster 35:54; Matt Taylor 35:58; Ian Brookes 36:14; Hannah Sharpe 37:04; Neil Innes 37:13; Holly Page 37:46; Giles Searby 38:36; Ellis Hewitt 38:39; Thomas Barker 40:24; Annie Morton 40:34; Paddy Abbott 41:17; Chris Lindley 41:42;Allison Preece 42:28; Gillian Carter 42:52; David Johnson 44:10; Michael Burr 44:14; Ian Rookes 45:55; Rachel Mottram 46:16; Sarah Street-Rose 46:21; Rebecca Hattersley 46:23; Jackie Rookes 48:59; Sally Cocking 49:43; Sally Folger 51:28 and Angela Kirkham 57:22.

In other results, first one from last week, and Steve Battle completed the Kerrý 100 km/62 miles on Saturday 22nd June in 14 hrs 1 minute, coming 11th overall. That performance also earns him a Club Silver Award.

There were several races on Sunday, starting with the Bakewell Pudding fell race over a 10k-ish course which Jordan Street completed in 42:30; Richard Hind in 51:38 and Lynn Hazelton 1:11:54 and a course PB of over 4 minutes.

Round the corner at the Chatsworth 10K, first home for the Club was Mike Brown in 47:40 and just inside the top 100, followed by Andrea Walker 49:54, Neil Yewman 50:10, Giles Searby 53:51, Annie Morton 54:45 and a 10K PB, Ellis Hewitt 56:03, Katie Taylor 57:41 and Bridget Hemstock 59:25.

Over at a warm Humber Bridge Half Marathon, Stuart Cunningham finished in 1:46:21 and Andy Foster came in on 1:50:23.

Finally, at the Round Sheffield Run, controversy reigned at the front of the field over the 11 stages that make up the multi-stage event. Gareth Lowe and Darren King came in 5th men’s pair and Lewis Banton and Dan Page came 4th but both pairs took a slight detour due to a sign that had been “tampered with” costing them at least 2 minutes – plus Gareth and Darren were given a 2 minute time penalty, for reasons unknown. Bar all of that, they would have won 1st and 2nd team prizes between them. Unlucky chaps!

Louise Lowe and Julie King finished in 1:53:43, 25th female pair out of 247. Steve Tebb ran in a mixed pair, completing the stages in 1:54:05. Matt Martin hauled Nick Roberts around to an 11th place men’s pair finish in 1:19:08.



Steve Hattersley and Chris Lane also ran, but either haven’t filed their result or Steve is lost again.

Think we’re also missing Gemma’s Endure 24 performance, but we can pick that up next week.

Well done all!

Phew, I need a holiday after that report!