Pennine Barrier 50-mile fell race

Nothing to report here from the excellent Club Summer Pub Run on Thursday, so we won’t mention that.

Not too many results to navigate this week, unless some have got lost somewhere along the way? If so, they can be picked up later.

There is really only one place to start this week’s results and that is with the epic undertaking by Helen Worsfold and Suzanne Leusby, who conquered the Pennine Barrier 50-mile fell race on Saturday.

Coming in a little under 17 and a half hours having covered some 2,500 meters of climb over the race distance, they also managed to time themselves perfectly to beat the 18 hour race cut off.

It is also apparent from the many comments made that the tracking of their flashing red dots on the race map was the primary Saturday night viewing for many a Club member!

Helen and Suzanne both describe the race as the hardest thing they’ve ever done and clearly relied heavily on each other to get through it. It’s an amazing feat which also earns them both a Club Silver Award to go with their dinner-plate sized race medals!


Back to Tuesday and Jo Johnson ran the 5 mile-ish Midsummer Madness trail race around High Green in Sheffield in 45:38.

On Saturday, Giles Searby lumbered to a 3-minute course PB at Sewerby Parkrun near Bridlington, finishing in 24:11. A really nice Parkrun course if anyone is ever in the area – a mix of tarmac, grass and trail, mildly undulating and very scenic.

At Rother Valley Parkrun, Gary Cadman finished in second place in a speedy 16:49 which also means he achieves a Club Gold Standard.

Finally, Richard Hind was at the Kinder Trog fell race on Sunday, which includes around 3,500 feet of climb around Hayfield and finished the 16 mile course in 3 hours 4 minutes.

Well done all!