Wingerworth Wobble & Coniston 14 Results

Wingerworth Wobble

There was a red wave at the Wingerworth Wobble on Saturday. A challenging 4.5 Mile trail race and the latest race in this year’s Grand Prix.

CRR accounted for almost 25% of the finishers, as follows:
2nd Matt Martin 32:12
4th Peter Twigg 32:51
6th Chris Amery 34:03
8th Dan Harpham 34:16
14th Mike Brown 37:13
19th Chris Lane 38:45
25th Hannah Sharpe 40:03
28th Malcolm Ward 40:55
29th Matt Taylor 40:57
30th Paul Taylor 41:19
35th Andrea Walker 42:36
36th Ellis Hewitt 42:51
45th Allison Preece 45:52
51st Jo Johnson 46:42
53rd Bridget Hemstock 46:51
62nd David Johnson 48:46
64th Michael Burr 48:53
69th Michael Lees 49:23
73rd Lindsay Baker 50:56
74th Katy Taylor 50:58
75th Suzanne Leusby 51:00
83rd Jim McIntosh 54:03
92nd Jane Tupling 56:56
93rd Steve Tebb 56:57

Coniston 14

Meanwhile up in the Lakes at the Coniston 14, Richard Hind came in on 1:42:32 and Lynn Hazelton on 2:59:48.

Well done all!