Clowne XC

A really strong performance at the Clowne XC on Sunday, the results just show how much strength in depth we have as a club with the ladies coming in 2nd overall for the 3rd time running, with the men coming in 1st for the 3rd time running, which makes us 1st overall.

Just look at the start pictures, now that’s what I call a sea of red!

Great work by your captains Karen and Pete for getting as many of us out there. By all accounts a tough race with this being the first for some.

The Clowne XC just doesn’t happen so some thanks are in order. Thanks to Roger who managed the Marshals and manual time keeping with Julie, Gemma & Graham, thanks to everyone who supplied food for the buffet, to Jim for organising the sandwiches and on kitchen duties along with Rose & Rebecca, to Terry, Roger & Trevor for marking the course on Saturday, to all the marshals and to Dave Keeling for being the back marker and tape picker. Final unreserved thanks should go out to Richard and Gemma who had the overall responsibility for the event.

Up the 'Reds (with a flash of white)'