Can you support Gile’s London Marathon race for NSPCC?

I’m sending through the link to my JustGiving page for the London Marathon -

That does also include a bit of my back-story to the challenge but basically, I only started running last April/May. I did some Parkruns and ran a bit myself and I really started to enjoy it. I’d done a few months at the gym before so had some basic fitness but getting started with running still had its challenges, first sore feet and a then an over-striding induced knee knocked out some weeks.

Once I’d ironed all that out with physio etc. and to set myself a big challenge I signed up with NSPCC for a charity place in the Marathon and shortly after joined CRR. I’ve not looked back since.

I did my first ever 10K last July at Chatsworth just before I joined CRR. It came straight off the back of my injured knee lay-off but I made it round to collect my first ever running medal in 1:14:20 – from that to 0:52:29 at Bolsover only 6 months later is in no small part thanks to CRR. I’ve had a huge amount of support from everyone I’ve met at the Club from day 1 and all have been hugely supportive. Whilst I have been putting the training in obviously, that encouragement and advice has been and continues to be a massive boost.

Now here I am, my first 2 HMs completed and to one to come before London; I can see my pace/stamina improving week on week and all of a sudden the Marathon feels within reach (*touches lots of wood*).

So, from my first jog down Bridlington sea-front on a cold Easter weekend last year to the London Marathon will be just over a year. I’m now also a complete running convert. I’ve got races in the diary for after April and will be targeting a Club Bronze standard in something this year too.

Obviously, if anyone in the Club did want to donate as well, it would be very much appreciated, although everyone is already doing their bit for me in different ways.