Rules for Club London Marathon places from 2015:

Each year in November/December, the club receive a number of "club" entries to the
London Marathon. Typically, this is either 1 or 2 places.

The following guidelines are used to select those club members to receive the "club"

A set of five criteria are defined below.  A club member who wishes to be considered for a
"club" place in the Marathon should meet all five criteria. However, you can still enter your
name if you do not meet ALL five criteria, in case all the places are not taken by those
who do meet all five criteria.


·         Must have been a First-Claim, paid-up, Senior Member (or Life Member) of the
Club for a minimum one calendar year from the date of the club draw.

·         Must be affiliated to England Athletics

·         Must have supported the club by either Marshalling/Organising the club’s events,
reside on the club’s committee or have shown significant support to the running of the
club.  The committee will convene to assure the applicant meets at least one of this

·         Must have applied for a place in the relevant London Marathon and received a
rejection letter/slip or email from that body.

·         Has not received a London Marathon Club Place in the previous year.

The draw will be made at the December meeting by drawing the members rejection
letter/slip or email out of the ‘hat’.  The Club Secretary will provide the successful member
(s) with details of how to complete and pay for their entry.

If, after the draw is made, there is still one or more London Marathon place(s)
unallocated, 2nd Claim Members will be offered the place(s).  If place(s) are still
unallocated the committee will make a decision as to who gets the remaining place(s).