Clowne Road Runners Club.
Constitution 2014 onwards.
1. The club shall be known as Clowne Road Runners Club.

2. The club shall maintain a website

3. The club colours shall be Red with White, with club logo as defined. This shall be the only registered vest with

4. Club colours must be worn when representing the club in team events, as sanctioned by the UKA and when
competing in the club Grand Prix, otherwise the member will not be recognised for that event.

5. The objects of the club shall be to encourage, practice and develop amateur athletics in all disciplines as
guided by the management.

6. The membership shall be open to all persons who are defined as amateurs by the UKA, application for
membership shall be by official application form only.

7. Election of membership to the club shall be at the discretion of the management committee and appeal against
refusal of membership shall be directed at such.

8. The ‘Membership register’ shall be maintained, and shared with other management committee members, by the
Membership Secretary as he/she feels appropriate and in line with all data protection procedures.

9. The management of the club shall be by elected committee, consisting of some or all of the following:
President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Social Officer, Publicity Officer,
Treasurer, Club Captains and other elected committee as membership requires, no maximum limit stated, but,
suitable for size of membership. Management committee places can be filled as they arise. Management
committee can elect ’sub-committee’s’ to support particular work within the club, sub-committee members shall not
count as a management committee vote.

10. The club shall hold an Annual General Meeting in February of each calendar year, or deferred to another
month as business dictates, during which the club management committee shall be considered. Current
management committee is attached on Appendix (a).

11. The club shall be affiliated to UKA and all relevant associated sub affiliations, i.e. Fell Runners Association.

12. Club subscriptions shall be payable to the Membership Secretary from January of each calendar year, to be
completed by April. Rates of subscriptions will be set by the committee and reviewed annually, subscriptions will
be based on age and employment status. New members first yearly subscriptions shall include a levy in line with
the current cost of the club colours which they will receive on payment.

13. Any member voted ‘Life membership’ shall have all membership fees paid by the club, whether active or not.

14. The elected management committee shall have the power to expel any member not paying their subscriptions
within a reasonable period of time outside of period set in 12 above, management committee to decide.

15. The elected management committee shall have the power under rule 22 of UKA rules that if misconduct of any
member brings ill repute on the club then cancellation of the members subscription may be considered. What
determines ill repute shall be decided by the management committee and any and every case shall be considered
in isolation.

16. The management committee shall have the power to remove, or offer another post, to any other member of
the management committee that the majority feels are not fulfilling the required role of post they hold.

17.  Clowne Road Runners Club recognises the benefits of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but,
club members using these sites should act responsibly and recognise that comments posted on such sites reflect
on the clubs public image. The management committee should consider appropriate action when it is felt that any
member has not acted responsibly. Any content, where it is deemed posted on behalf of the club, of a negative
nature, but not personal opinion, shall be directed via the Chairperson or Vice Chairperson for sanctioning. Once
approved this communication shall then be sent out directly by either the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson or Club

18. No constitution rule can be changed other than at the AGM, or an EGM called for such purpose.

19. The club shall hold a ‘Grand Prix’ annually, over multi disciplines, the content of which shall be decided by a
‘sub-committee’ elected for that purpose, the ‘sub-committee’s’ decision will be final. Included within the Grand
Prix shall be the inter club cross country series with Retford, Handsworth and Killamarsh unless ‘sub-committee’
dictates otherwise. The Grand Prix shall be decided and published to the membership, wherever possible, by the
end of December of the previous year.

20. The club ‘races’, currently Elmton Chase and ½ Marathon, shall be Race Directed by an elected volunteer
within the club, that persons decisions on the race shall be final and only overruled, in exceptional circumstances,
by the Chairman and management committee.

21. The club management committee will meet, wherever possible, quarterly prior to monthly meeting, where
management of club decisions will be on the agenda.

22. The club shall meet monthly to discuss on going issues and matters arising, during which reports from the
club’s management shall be heard by all present, any matters arising shall be democratically voted on by those
present, however, the Chairperson of the meeting shall have final say as to what is brought to the table.

23. Any issues judged to affect the club, changes to policies, procedures etc. shall be democratically voted on at
the monthly meeting or electronically via internet voting if such gives a wider opinion of the membership, postal
voting will be available for non-website access members, any deciding votes shall be with the Chairperson of the

Appendix (a) Current management committee:
Current Management committee (on AGM 2015) are as follows:-

President:                                                 Mr B. Banton
Chairman:                                                 Mr S. Shipp
Vice Chairman:                                         Mr L. Banton
      Treasurer:                                                Mr L. Banton jnr.
      Secretary:                                                Mr S. Hattersley
      Membership Secretary:                                Mr D. Leese
      Minutes Secretary:                                        Mrs J. Keeling
      Website Editor:                                        Mr D. Keeling
      Male Captain:                                        Mr. D. Learad
      Female Captain:                                        Mrs. L. Lowe
Race Director ½ Marathon:                         Mr D. Learad
Social Officer:                                        Ms. J. White
Committee Member:                                Mr. J. McIntosh
Publicity Officer:                                        VACANT
Club Constitution 2014 onwards.